The Hitman Blues Band has made it onto the Official Ballot for the GRAMMY AWARDS in three categories: (48) Blues Album for "Blues Enough", (81) music video for "Streets Of Downtown", and (45) Americana Roots Song for "Every Piece Of Me". It's an honor to be placed on the ballot.

I am so glad that I had the opportunity to be on the Frank Prince Show on Madhouse TV to talk about my website about a year ago -  Frank was a wonderful man, and really made me feel welcome on his show.  It seems that everyone who knew him felt that way about him.  He really supported Long Island entertainment.  Frank, you will be truly missed. 


Please make sure you check out Madhouse TV



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ENTERTAINMELONGISLAND.COM is a great resource, a directory for finding places to go where you can enjoy all types of entertainment on Long Island (live bands/music, DJ/dancing, comedy and karaoke).  Long Island is rich with local entertainment and's goal is to help promote and support local entertainers, entertainment and businesses on Long Island.


Let's call this portion of the home page - opinion corner.  This is a chance for local entertainers to let us know what is going on in the Long Island entertainment scene from the inside as well as share with us their opinions of what they see around them when they perform.  When you perform, you are not just sharing your art and talent but you get to see first hand how people react, what gets them to dance, makes them clap, gets them to just take it in and enjoy.  This short article is written by John Haseth a very talented musician who has been a long participant and fan of the Long Island music scene. 


I don't rant much..ruffling feathers ..etc...not my thing..but after reading the brutally honest post from my band mate, I felt compelled to speak my mind on what I believe to be the near-complete devaluation of the arts and music in general..these are only my opinions.  Music may be both Art and Entertainment, but it is Art first and Entertainment second. Art represents culture..and the attitude towards it in this country (for the most part) is an embarrassment. In other parts of the world, the Arts are revered, respected, and preserved for future generations. Here, we artists have disposable electronic gadgets that compose our songs and play our instruments while we pedal fragrance and our new clothing lines..ugh...As music lovers, listeners, and (hopefully) consumers..don't we recognize that we love the music we love because it is more than the sum of its parts? It makes us feel something that we can't identify but know it's spectacular..and the souls and spirits that bring this to you, (the composers and musicians)are WORTH your time, attention and appreciation...Don't be a music snob, just be Value it..treasure it..don't take it for granted. Thanks for reading and have an awesome day


Thanks John, I hope that I can play a role in helping you be heard. 


I would really like to hear from other entertainers (musicians, comedians, singers, DJ's, etc.) on Long Island with their feelings, observations, musings.  If you have something to say, put it together in words and I will be happy to post it on this website, right on this home page.


LONG ISLAND, is back and ready to help the entertainment community on Long Island Kick Some.....







Cherry Pop is a female fronted punk band from scattered parts of Long Island. We have a raw, punchy hardcore sound with influences that range from Minor Threat to The Distillers. We have been tearing it up at venues all over New York for the past year, playing with many influential bands such as Agnostic Front and The Adicts. - Facebook - Youtube
@CherryPopLI - Instagram

Mike Keegan is a fast-rising, up and coming comedian from Long Island and one of the most in demand acts in the area. Winner of Broadway Comedy Club’s “Best New Comic of 2011, he can be seen at all of the major clubs on Long Island and NYC with appearances on the road in the Poconos, PA, Connecticut and Foxwoods Casino. Mike is also the co-founder of Get Involved Comedy.








"Fer Elsie...", the new album from Deerheart, is a return to the roots of classic rock and roll with a big FM sound that brings listeners back to a time when the most important thing in the world was the next song they played on the radio. Here that band performs "Find A Way" at a pre-release show at The Crooked Rail, 10/1/16


Madco @ NYCB Westbury. NY

This compilation video is of Madco, a Bad Company Tribute Band performing at the Historic NYCB Theater in Westbury, NY. Led by lead frontman/vocalist Rob Weir and put together by promoter/bass player Billy Dee of Vision Entertainment, it was one of the most exciting shows we've ever done together in front of a packed house. Songs included are, "Bad Company", "Can't Get Enough" & "Running With the Pack".





DJ Tracktion from UrbanizedPhilms on Vimeo.

DJ Tracktion - No Doubt you will feel the need to get out and dance once you hear him spin it!


The Toby Tobias Ensemble perform-

ing an original song called Don't

Relax at K.J. Farrells, 11/5/13.  This

is a great performance by talented

musicians.  It's refreshing to hear

original music that has a meaning

without being preachy.   Check out 

The Toby Tobias Ensemble on



Hugh Daniel Murray IV is a comedian from Levittown, NY. He entertains all over the country with a sharp, dark sense of humor that keeps his audience thinking and most importantly laughing. You can see where Hugh is performing on his website


Jonathan Evensen is a singer/songwriter from Long Island. He's currently recording his first E.P. with his band, A Nomadic     State. Which will be released in the early part of 2014. This song, Hang Ups, will be released with a full band for the record. more info @






Voted one of the top 3 singers on

long Island by the Long Island

Press Best of  2014, Lisa Polizzi

has shared the stage with such

names as Prenntiss McNeil &

France Joli.  In the Summer of

2013, after fronting several bands

for the past 2 years, Lisa formed

"The Lisa Polizzi Band"







Panic has been playing together for over 10 years at some of Long Island's most popular bars and clubs. If you want to hear some Doobie Brothers, David Bowie, Pink, No doubt, Blondie or even Guns and Roses, come check out this party/rock/dance band ASAP!  You will be singing and dancing along all night!




Ramona Spooney & Frank Walker of SpoonWalk with Deena Miller & the Chick Singer Night band in 2008 performing Frank's "Not The Only One" written for the medical website  Frank was born with this rare medical condition & raises awareness for the website through this song & annual fundraisers.

Pump! NY Dance Band Promo video 2015. Pump! is a high-energy dance cover band from Long Island NY. Pump plays hits from all of today's superstars, such as Rihanna, Gaga, Jessie J., Eminem, B.O.B., Calvin Harris, Avicii, and much more. Visit the band at or











Melody Rose is a vocalist from Huntington, NY.  This past year, Melody has been working with singer/ songwriter Ryan Lerman on recording her first album.  This is her new single "Lightning Strikes."  Melody anticipates the release of more of her music in 2014.  Visit for more info.


WADE-JAMM the 1-Man Band has performed since 2009 at public venues and private parties throughout Long Island and NY Tri-State Area. Featuring life-long keyboardist Wade Garnett, accompanied by dynamic sequencing of drum, bass, and guitar tracks, WADE-JAMM provides a very full sound that will get the entire audience up and dancing. Please “LIKE” the WADE-JAMM fan page on Facebook using the link:







The Black Petals have been creating a sensation from Amagansett to New York City and beyond for the last couple of years, but they have had the spirit of music in their blood since the first time they strummed a guitar, sang a note, picked up a drum stick or plugged in an amp. Get ready to let the spirit of The Black Petals move you

Mind Open @ Shapeshifter Lab

(Bklyn., NY) This up and coming

Jazz / funk band plays covers and

originals.  They bring not only

great music, but great stage

presence and personality to

their performance.  While their

home base is Long Island, they

play all over the tri-state area. 

So keep your Mind Open

to the possibilities!











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