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La Notte Lounge

15 New Street
Huntington, NY 11743
Phone: 631-683-5595
Fax: 631-683-5592

Live Band

Joseph has been in the restaurant business his entire life. His father Michael is the owner and executive chef at his Queens restaurant located in Forest Hills, New York for over 30 years at the same location. Joseph grew up side by side with his father in the restaurant business. First he learned how to cook and run the kitchen. When he got older he learned how to order, pay the bills and run the back of the business as the manager/maitre d of the restaurant. Eventually he shared duties with his father as the executive chef when his father was not working, and when he was working Joseph was in the front as the manager/maitre d.  Joseph is fully familiar with the business, as this is the only line of work he has ever been in. He grew up in the restaurant business. For him it is not a job it’s a passion, it is his life. Joseph has a simple philosophy with the restaurant -- give the people the best service, the best quality at a fair price.


In an age where retailers, restaurants included, are all looking to get rich over night and invariably have forgotten the meaning of the motto “the customer first” Joseph believes this motto is true, more than ever before. One trip to La Notte Ristorante will prove this.


Live Music Every Friday & Saturday Night in the Lounge starting at 7:00pm